Today in YTT I really got introduced to Krishnamacharya for the first time, sadly! I’ve been reading pretty in depth on many other subjects and teachers of different kinds and studying them; but never did i go back far enough!
I’m so excited and grateful to get to study Krishnamacharya, who, without him idk where shit wouldve gone! I think hes brilliant and extremely interesting. I’m super excited.
My reflection on new processes to my brain and more

The human, to me is infinitely interesting,

   Out of every living creature that we are one hundred percent sure exists;

Without humans, earth would be so boring. If we removed humans, earth would simply continue to maintain itself with slow mundane life.

 A routine of animals living and surviving day to day…

If earth was channel on a tv, it would be so dramatic! To look at how humans live and fight and control things and collectively our history what we came from, and who we have become.

I cant be credited with this thought, how colorfully it was painted to me, i felt as though I had thought it first.

Thanks matt :)


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